How does Glide handle screens that are no longer used?

This is more of a curiosity than anything else… I was wondering how Glide handles screens/forms/etc that were built in the Editor, but configurations had to change (app re-worked or processes updated) that mean these previous screen’s are hidden away and no longer accessed.

I’m asking because I have an app that I’ve had to re-work in multiple ways and each time I do something like remove a form button, for example, if I add it back later, I have to rebuild the form ---- is that old form actually gone, or still taking up resources in the app? Same goes for screen configurations… It has happened before that I’ve created a screen that ends up not making it to production… Then I’ll work on another part of the app, add a link to screen action somewhere, and that original screen layout comes back because it still exists.

My concern is that all this background configuration/layouts/forms may have the potential to cause unnecessary loading/performance issues in my app.

Is it worth starting fresh now that I have “final” product to create in order to have the “leanest” version of the app in production?


I have said it a few other times and I will say it again. Glide needs to keep old versions of apps up to a month back. Autosaves, something.Most apps are very small in size and wouldn’t be a strain on their server storage capaicty, I think it just wasnt something they thought was necessary. With that being said it is a good idea to just duplicate your app before you make changes so you can refer or revert back as needed…until they start storing old versions of our apps that is :wink:

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I do question the performance issues it may or may not cause. Thats a @david question right there.

Ideally, there should almost be an “App Index” that shows all the screens and forms you’ve created so you can go through it and delete unnecessary parts of the index.

Yeah, but most of the time you can’t get back to them if you set it up exactly how it was before.