Lost Custom Screen (or did I?)

Hi Everyone. I’m new to Glide and I hope I didn’t make a vital mistake.

I’ve been building a custom page, and then, out of curiosity, I changed the style, and now it looks like my custom page is gone.

Please tell me that one single click didn’t make me lose all my work so far.

EDIT: For added context, I am on the trial still with a non-published design.

Which style did you change it from/to?

Are you able to share a screenshot from the builder layout?

I’ll get a screenshot in a bit (currently away from comp). I was building in custom and then clicked on the grid style. As soon as I did that I noticed that I was back to how my app looked when I first started with no components. I clicked back into custom but it stayed the same and did not bring back my components and personal setup.

My data (glide tables) and automations are still all there though.


Just to be clear, you made the change in the top right hand section of the builder, yes?

The bad news is that I’m fairly certain that once you change from Custom to any other style, then there is no way back, I’m afraid. (Although I’d be happy to be corrected on that).

The only reason I’m not 100% certain is that I almost never use any style other than Custom, so this is not a situation I ever find myself in.


Have you tried to use to Undo key to revert any changes?


oh, yeah - good point. I just tested that, and it works. Depends how far you’ve gone, I guess…

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I didn’t even see the undo button until now. That’s for pointing that out for future.

Unfortunately I don’t have that option now as I refreshed the browser as an attempt to get back to where I was.


Yes that is correct. I wanted to see what my settings would look like in the other styles. I wish there had been a warning.

Back to the drawing board. Hard lesson learned but at least it was just a prototype and not a real rolled out solution.

Once an app is published, is it just as easy to mess things up like this?

There are publishing control options that you could enable, which do give you an option to discard changes.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager for the additional info. I’ll give it a read.

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It’s one of those things in Glide where virtually every single person who’s tried to see what a different style might look like lost their existing layout. Either they were lucky and hadn’t done anything yet, lucky and saw the undo button, not bothered by it, or bothered by it. There’s a good chance that just about everyone got bitten at one point or other. I agree with you, a warning would be most welcome here.


Kind of like an initiation or a right of passage?? :smile:

If there was ever a time that I needed to go through it, now would be it. I’m playing around learning, and quite honestly, doing it again will only reinforce what I’ve learned to date. Having been burnt once, I know I won’t be messing about with that setting again, and even more importantly, I was introduced to the ‘oh $hit’ button :hugs:

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The undo button only works in the Layout Editor. In the Data Editor, before deleting a column, don’t hesitate to use Find Uses to make sure you are in fact deleting the column you intended to delete, not the one that’s being used in multiple computed columns, actions and components. We do get a warning there.