Urgent: deleted components from detail screen

Hi everyone,

I had a detail screen with a lot of components. I made a button on that detail screen that opened another detail screen for that item. After I made it, I returned back to the original detail screen, which now turned into the one I just made. My whole primary detail screen is now gone, which had a LOT of work into it. I have been working on this app for several months now.

Please tell me there is a way to get my detail screen back, as I have no idea how I can reproduce this, as the app should be delivered today and I have worked on it for over 6 months.

PS: Auto-Publishing was turned on at that time.

Thanks in advance.

When I try to look up the screen to see if it exists somewhere, I can’t find it anymore (Search all uses in the table)

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If you use “Show Details Screen” and then configure things on the new screen then it’s likely gone forever.

The action should have been “Show New Screen” > this item.

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Won’t Glide Support be able to revert the app back to a previous state?

They confirm can not recover a deleted app, I’m not sure about reverting @SantiagoPerez .