Urgent Glide Support question - restore a screen or project if needed

I stepped away from my App and discover one of my main screens is gone. Normally I would hit ‘undo’ to see what happened (typically componenets reappear). Unfortunately as I noticed this weirdness a Glide alert asking me to restart for ‘new’ updates popped up and I clicked on it.

Now I have an empty screen with a single component (which is weird) instead of the 10+ container and dozens of components I had previously.

Is their any way to recover my App from earlier today or yesterday?

This is probably a Glide Support question - I have a Business plan.


What does this checkmark mean under the Navigation section for my Screen/Tab (FYI…I added ‘LOST’ to the name of the tab)?


It also appears in the components section:



I am marking this as solved since I am recreating the Screen/Tab instead of some recovery (I changed some data tables and don’t want to redo that work if recovered); but am still wondering what these checkmarks mean since I do not recall seeing them before.


That does sound like you have changed the screen from a custom one to one of these non-custom styles.


That checkmark means your screen is configured with the “Checklist” style.

I have a cat that occasionally walks across my laptop. I usually close it but in this case if the layout editor was open and the “checklist” collection was inadvertently clicked was the previous screen layout lost?

Follow on question- would this have been “undone” if noticed via Ctl-Z ?

Thanks for the response.

Yes, unless you click Undo in time.

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