How does billing work if I need to change my plan?

we’ve purchased the pro private app by misunderstanding it’s features, would like change to the pro app now.

the pro private plan has already been billed and when I change to the pro app plan in the billing section, will the money paid for the private pro plan be used for this?

i think it will be returned… or apply

hey, thanks for responding quickly.

that’s good to hear, but when I click “apply changes” it shows me the usual billing procedure, don’t see the intimation of old payment being transferred back in that screen.

So, should I cancel the plan now?

I’ve seen somebody in the community saying when they do presentation w glideapps and want to avoid the branding they buy and cancel after the presentation? so that means the money should be returned?

which do I pick? confused…

i don’t remember anymore… i guess i cancelled the old one and the money were returned, but wait for someone from glide to explain…

should I tag someone from their team?

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thanks a lot, so from reading those, the money isn’t returned to the bank account but as a store credit? which you can use for future purchases?


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same goes for cancelation option instead of the change plans option? unused will be stored as a credit

I believe so, yes.

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Changing plans applies a credit for the time remaining on your original plan.