How do I remove empty lines from a text block

I have a text block that collect “warnings” incase my user has forgotten something.
The block is made with a template column that takes a bunch of inputs some IF-Else columns.
The idea is to have a neat little list of actionable suggestions for the user to act on.

However when certain conditions in is satisfied and no text is shown it leaves a blank line in my list - is there a way to get rid of these blank lines?

I tried the replace text column but that didn’t work, and trim whitespace only trims in the start and end of the text.

You could try putting the carriage returns in each IF column result instead of the template column. Then remove the carriage returns from the template column.


Or use a Make Array column to combine the ITE columns and then a join text column to join the Array by a carriage return. The Make Array column will ignore blank array values so they’ll never have their own line.


Thank you both @Jeff_Hager and @Robert_Petitto.

Went with the array solution and works perfectly.


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