Template Blank Space

How do I get rid of space in a template? Thank you

How is that created?
Can you show the configuration of the column please?

It is a long list. I tried to Trim the whitespace, but won’t work.

What I recommend is instead of a template column, use a make array column with those same values added in order to your liking. Then use a join list column to combine those values in the array where the delineator is a return character. The advantage of using a make array column + join list over a template column is that any null values will be ignored


Make Array, join list was made now how to make the join list back again to a bullet type arrangement?

In the separator field of the Join List, use a return (new line) character

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What a trick! I replaced the default comma character to a new line character (Shift+Enter) and it did the job well. Thank you


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