Template column within an Inline List (App)

I have tried to use a template column where COL1 contains :red_circle: and COL2 contains text (e.g. “Meeting”).

I use “X Y” with two spaces but the result is always :red_circle: Meeting (0 spaces) rather than :red_circle: Meeting (two spaces).

I have tried X Z Y and created COL3 as Z with two spaces (" ") but that still doesn’t work.

Is something being trimmed and can I turn it off?


Normal spaces will get trimmed when you use it with an emoji I believe, the way is to use an empty character.

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This worked.

I used template column with X Y Z where Y is the unicode for the spacing I am looking for from the web site you gave - https://emptycharacter.com/

Thanks for excellent tip #2.


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