How to remove whitespace from a template a of columns with empty entries


I have a spreadsheet with records of SKUs. Each SKU has a “Sales description” which is compiled of certain characteristics of the item. For example: dimensions, category, finish, etc.

Some of the items do not use each characteristic and in creating a template, I’ve found that extra whitespace is filled in wherever a characteristic is empty.

How can I structure my spreadsheet so that if a characteristic is empty, an extra whitespace is not generated and only leaves one space in between each entry to create a final templated cell.

Here, I assume what you mean by “whitespace” is when two "@@"s are stacked together?

You still want to keep the “@” character in the final template, right?

You can split the “raw” template above by the “@” character itself, then use a joined list column on the split column, join it by the “@” character again.


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