How do i present calculations that were performed in a user specific column in sheets?

hey there, im making an app for a while for my group to use for competitions to collect data on the other groups, basically i have a form and you are able to choose the name of the group and i want it to match automatically to a group number (in our teams we have a name and group number like Something#5555) any ideas on how to do it? and how do i make the data i collected show up on google sheets? Thanks.

I’m not sure I completely follow your questions. You may need to provide more information. I can only give general advice without knowing more about your app.

If you have a table with group names and group numbers…and if you are using a choice component (sourced from that table) to select a group, you can configure the choice component to display names, but actually write the group number instead to the table.

User specific columns are internal to glide. If you need that data in a google sheet, It might be better to not use user specific columns.

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hm. is there any way to shorten the time it will take to write the number? cuz the number can range from 4 to 8 digits and we are very limited in time. like maybe fill options like when u enter something in the google seach bar?

Still not following. Are you talking about choosing a group? With a choice component, you open up the list of choices, choose the group you want, and then you’re done.

Screenshots would help out a lot here to see what you are working with and what you are trying to achieve.