How do I limit the display of inline list items for different users?

I’ve got a list of 100 items.
I’ve got 3 users.

I’d like the first user to see the first 5 items. The second user to see the first 5 items and the next 5 items (total 10 items). And the third user to see 5+5+5 items.

Currently, using an inline list, all the users can see all the items. How can I achieve the above where I limit the item views based on the user. ?

I think we need more specific details about your use case. There’s a lot of ways to accomplish this, but it depends on the scenario. You can use row owners, relations, or various filtering among other things.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your quick reply. Here are more details.

I’ve got a USER table with 3 users.
I’ve got an ITEM table with 100 items.

In the USER table I have a column called LIMIT which will contain the number of ITEMS a user can view.
e.g. User1 - 5, User2 - 10, User3 -15

I would like User1 to be able to VIEW (not edit or add) only the first 5 items of the ITEM table.
User2 to be able to VIEW (not edit or add) the first 10 items in the ITEM table.
User3 to VIEW the first 15 items in the ITEM table.

All the above numbers (5,10,15) are arbitrary and can be changed in the USER table for each User.
Also, for simplicity I have said “VIEW the first 5 items”, etc. In reality there will be filtering of the Items. So it would be VIEW the first 5 items that meet the criteria specified in my FILTER DATA.

Hope this gives some clarity to my use case.

I’ve managed to achieve the above functionality by adding additional columns to my ITEM table. But, I’d like to do it without adding these additional columns, just by limiting the display of items based on the COUNT .


OK, I think I understand. I think it’s doable, but would require a bit of setup.

  • Ultimately, you would need to establish a filter in the Item table by using single value columns to bring in your filter values, and an IF column. This IF column should be set up to only return an Item RowID in each item row if it matches the filter criteria. So the IF column should only have a RowID in it if the row meets the filter criteria.
  • Then you would have to use a Lookup column in the User table to return an array of RowID’s from the Item table.
  • Then use a Slice Array column to only return a certain number of RowID’s from the Lookup array. You would point it to the lookup array, set the Start to 0, and set the End to the LIMIT column.
  • Finally take that Slice Array and use it in a Relation column, in the User table, to link to the Item RowID in the Item table. Then you can use that relation as the source of your list/collection.