How to filter visibility of inline list components?

Hello everyone! Can you help me to set inline list visibility?
I have inline list of video lessons and i need that every new lesson opens after the previous one has been seen. Starting from first…

Assuming that the “sheet order” of your Videos is the order you want them seen in, you could do something like this:

  • Create a User Specific Boolean column in your Video Lessons table. The purpose of this column will be to record which lessons have been viewed by each user. Checked means a user has seen it.
  • Add an Inline List that’s pointed at your Video Lessons table
    – Filter the list where the User Specific column is not checked
    – Limit the list to a single item
    – Create a custom action for the list that does two things:
    — Set Column Values, setting the user specific column to true
    — Show Details Screen → This Item

If you’ve done the above correctly, the end result will be that each user will see a list that contains just a single video, and that video will be the first one that they haven’t yet seen.

If your Videos need to be viewed in an order that’s not “sheet order”, you could create another column to indicate a sort order, and use that to order the list.

Also, just be aware that because User Specific Columns are used, it wouldn’t be possible for an Admin User (for example) to be able track progress of other users.

Also note that this option doesn’t give any guarantee that users have actually watched any of the videos, just that they have opened the details screen.


Thank you Darren! This could work but what if i want that user can see all previous videos that he has seen already in the list?

Ania, could you try not limiting the list to a single item (uncheck the checkbox)?

I tried but it doesn’t work the way i want. In this case the checked lesson disappears. I need all checked lessons visible and the next one not checked yes too.

Add a second list, and filter that one to only show those rows where the user specific column is checked.


Yes! Great! this is simple and what i need! Thank you!

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