How can I make an inline list only visible to the 'signed in user' and their line manager and then archive these once completed to another list? (also some questions about the comments feature)

I have a set of inline lists created in the ‘new glide’. I have a couple of issues/problems with this new format -

  1. How can I make the list of actions/notes only visible to the user that created them and their assigned line manager?
  2. When the actions in the list have been completed there is a checkbox/slide button to mark them as completed. How can I set this up so that the completed action is automatically moved to a ‘completed actions’ list?

I am also struggling with the set up for the ‘comments’ element. How can I have the comment show the user name, the date posted and some notes? Do I need to set up another sheet to record all this and how can it grab the information on the user/picture/date to go with the comment?

Thanks in advance, Simon

You can add a filter to the list that show row what email is the signed in user, or where some value matches a value in the user’s user profile row. Or if you are using Row Owners, then you don’t even need a filter, as it will only store the owned rows

Add a second list like the first one, but adjust the filters so one list filters only items that are not completed and the other list only filters items that are completed.

Hi Jeff, thanks very much that seems to be the way. Is there a way of having a ‘show all’ feature to these lists, I only want the most recent few to be showing on the screen but still have the others available to view if needed? This was a feature in the ‘old’ glide if I remember correctly
Thanks Simon

Only available on horizontal collections. The general concept now is “pagination”, where you can set a page size and users can browse through pages.

If you want the show all option, then you can limit your main collection to only a few items, then add any component that lets you add a ‘Show New Screen’ → ‘This Item’ action. That will give you a new screen where you can add another collection that shows all of the items.

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