🆕 Native ability to limit number of items on inline lists

Finally we have an option to hide the “See all” text while being able to limit the number of items in the list.


I noticed this yesterday but thought it’s been there since few months

Excellent, nice find. Funny enough I needed this today so its saved time and effort hunting for a css ‘work around’

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The UI is new. But, the feature isn’t new I guess. Been using it for a while.

same lol :smiley:

The limit items option is new. It’s a suggestion I threw in for the last live coding session, and it was added at that time. Must have just made it to production.


Yep! Going to be nice for leaderboards!


It was a great suggestion.

It’s these simple changes that make life so much easier.

We should encourage and do more things like this.


Cheers! Guess I didn’t word it clearly. Made some edits now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Will be lovely for many use cases.


It’ll help us a lot!!

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I think I may have come across of bug with this feature. When viewing a calendar style list with a sort order from newest to oldest, and the number of items are limited, I think it’s limiting the number of items starting from the oldest first. When I enable the limit, I no longer see the newest entries. So, even though I’m viewing the calendar from newest to oldest, I only see the oldest items. Of those oldest items, they are still sorted from newest to oldest, but I should be see new entries instead. The problem is that I have over 4000 dated entries, so I’ve spent several months trying to find different ways to make the calendar list load much faster while still being fully searchable (can’t filter, because I wouldn’t be able to search filtered items). This limit feature seems to be what I need, especially for a calendar list, but it’s not respecting the sort order. Has anybody else noticed something similar? I’m guessing this only affects the calendar style list.