How do I let users enter their own search criteria?

I have a list of records which are organized by State --> County --> Polling Location

I’ve added a filter at the top which users can filter by State. But many users are not very technical and it is hard to tell them to look for the FILTER ICON. They can also use the SEARCH bar, but the process is confusing to new users and I’m hoping to simplify it.

I’d like to ask the users to choose STATE and COUNTY and then be able search from the sheet all records that match those conditions and display them. There will only be 10 states so that could be a pull down. There are lots of counties and I’d like to let the user enter the COUNTY.

Here is the app MapMyVote

The layout is simple:

Thank you!


You can let users choose the state by a choice component writing to a user-specific column, then use an inline list to show the filtered locations by the state the user input.

Then they can search for the county or specific location name.


I added two Choice Components for STATE and COUNTY.

How do I create an INLINE LIST? Thanks.

In a details view, you can use the source of values as the sheet with all voting locations, then filter them by the state & county the user chooses.

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