Link from choice picker

Hello amazing helpers

I have a list of regions for members
I want my users to be able to pick a region from the dropdown list (done that)
display the members in that region in a list tab (done that)

What I cannot do is to link from the selected region to the members!

My test site has only a handful of members - I will have about 700 in total eventually


What do you mean by “link” in this instance? Do you have a visualized image of what you are trying to achieve?

Yes I have this and I want somehow to display all of the members who are in that region…

Seems easy enough: add a filter to the inline list where region = screen > (choice component region)


Ok so do I need to have a column (user specific) that collects the region picked from the selection and then a lookup column to select all of the members in that region and a button to link to the tab with the list?

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You have two option. First, yes you should be writing the choice to a user specific column so it doesn’t interfere with other users making choices.

First option is as @Robert_Petitto suggested. Add an inline list that points to the member sheet, then create a filter for that list that filters the members by the screen value of the choice.

Second option is to create a relation column that links the user choice to the member sheet. Then add an inline list that points to that relation.

That’s assuming that you want to display the choice and members in the same tab. If you instead want to make your choice in the region tab and have the results updated in the member tab, then you need to create a single value column in the member sheet that gets the selection, then filter the member tab list to only show those members where the member region matches the single value region.


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