How can I take a value from a User Specific column and write that value into a basic (non-user specific) column?

Hi, i am trying to take a take a value from a User Specific column and write that value into a basic (non-user specific) column because i need to send this data back to my google sheet!

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You could do that with a set column value.

First create a new basic column. Next use a set column value somewhere in your flow to write the value from your user specific column to that new basic column.

hey! I tried to do so, but it didnt work. Should i set the action somewhere specific? Because i set the action on a flow of a button, and it didnt work. The basic column is not receiving the information of the user specific column:

This is what i did:

I have the data at the user specific column, but not on the others:

So the second set of columns you’re showing in the screenshot are basic columns? When you click the button nothing happens?

Are you positive that you’ve selected the correct columns in your Set Column Values action?

I can see that you’ve named both sets of columns exactly the same. Which is a really bad idea, as it will be very easy to get them mixed up. Even if it isn’t the source of the problem now, I’d advise changing that. Perhaps add a prefix like usc/ to the User Specific Columns. Whatever - just name them so that it’s obvious which is which.


Your screenshot is not showing essential clues. Is that a user profile sheet? And if yes… do you have the row owner selected? And… change column names… as Darren mentioned… it is hard to know if you selected the right ones.

Hey guys! Yes, i selected the write columns, but i didnt put the row owner! Should I do that? I cannot select my user specific column as my row owner, only the basic columns.

and yes, i didnt change the name! I will do that, thank you all for the advice :slight_smile:

I am also trying to do that (send the data to my google sheets) using zapier, but i am also not able to configure the zap on my glide, and i already checked that I’m connecting the right glide project inside zapier. Heeelp, please!

For your use case Zapier is not necessary. Here take a look

Thank you for the video! I also record my screen so you can see what i am doind wrong… Because i did exactly the same thing and it is now working :frowning:
Here is the video link

Thank you for sharing a video. I did notice a problem. On your button block you have two actions (Enviar and setcolumnvaluer) however only your Enviar button is visible. This indicates that your setcolumnvaluer button is hidden because a condition is not being met.

Are you using row owners? Try removing row owners from any columns in table Teste-jo. You can tell if a column is a ‘Row Owner’ by a little blue person in the header row.

Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 12.21.44 PM

Also instead of three separate set column value actions you could use one set column value action and set three values.

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Hey!!! Omg, it was that simple hahaha thank you all for the help! It is working now :slight_smile:

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