Set column values in user specific columns


In my app I have a page that is very content rich, so I divided the content into several containers. I created a user specific column with the name of the container the user wants to see, and a button block that sets the value of this column for the user - one button per container.

Problem is that Set column values action does not do anything for the user specific column.

Is that simply the functionality or am I missing something?


It should set the values just fine… but perhaps you’re getting mixed up as to what row it’s writing to? Is this in the users table?

First thing that occurs to me is that you might not be setting it in the row that you think you are. Screen filtering and Row Owners can both affect which row your current screen is attached to.

I’d try setting it whilst the data view is open - this should tell you if it’s actually being set.


Thanks @MatthewS and @Darren_Murphy. It’s a screen that’s based on a table that has only one row. When I use Set column values for This row on a normal column, it works. If I change it to the user specific column, it doesn’t.

Can we see a screenshot of the column in question please?

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OK so I went to work on some other screen until I got an answer, and now when I came back, it just randomly started working. Don’t know what happened but I’m glad it works now :slight_smile: