User specific column in User profile is not copied when using set column values action

Hey Gliders!

User specific column value in User Profile is not copied to database when using Set column values action (When submitting a form).

Logic: Open form - choose something (it appears in User Specific column in User profile) - submit form (Set column values when submit)

Am I doing something wrong? Or is it a bug? It worked perfectly a couple of months ago. Now it doesn’t7

Do you have screenshots? How is the form set up? How is the Set Column action set up (is it in the On Submit action?). Why would you have a user specific column in a user profile row that is already specific to a user?

So you are saying that you write a value to the user profile row while you are inside of a form, and then do something with that value after you submit that form?

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Thanks, we solved it.