How can I see a single relation in an Inline list

Create a catalog with two columns: concept id and concept, then in the form that the user fills out they can choose the concept and in the base it will be filled with the ID.

Then in a view I want to show the user what he filled in the form, but the problem is that I only have the ID, which is a number, but I need to show the concept.

What I did was create a simple relationship at the base of the form that would search for the ID in the catalog and bring me the concept, so far so good.

The problem is when in the view I want to add a list that shows the base information, the option to show me the column that I create where the relation is does not appear, it only lets me select all the base fields that were not relations.

Could you help me?

If you want to set the source of an inline to a relation, the relation needs to be multiple relation.