How can I import a table from the web?

I manage a sports app on behalf of a local football team. At present, you can only view the latest league table by clicking on a link in the App, which opens the website in your browser:

Is there a way to scrape the URL and reconstruct a couple of columns from the table in my app WITHOUT using google or Excel sheets? I prefer my app to only use Glide Tables.

Thanks in advance for any tips :slight_smile:

I dare say that it could be done using JavaScript, but have you considered using a webview? (if your plan supports it).

Thanks Darren. I understand the web view is only for Pro apps and mine is a Starter.

I don’t fancy getting into Java and had hoped the column type whereby you can simulate an Excel function would work. What do you think?

If not, I guess I will have to attach an Excel Sheet…

I’ve never used that Excel plugin, so I’m not sure if that would work.

I know that Google Sheets has an IMPORTHTML function, which would probably get the job done. I imagine that Excel most likely has a similar function.

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has this ever been done?

Some javascript and AI :salt:

Change the instruction to play with getting particular data or asking open ended questions perhaps if you don’t want to do more html parsing.



var parser = new DOMParser();
var doc = parser.parseFromString(p1, "text/html");
var tables = doc.getElementsByTagName('table');
return tables[0].innerHTML

AI is useless when it comes to handling tables of data. I wouldn’t trust it. Plus why would I pay to use AI when most spreadsheets offer the web import for free?

May I know why you say so? I think Jeremy’s case offers a solid point on how to use it. If you don’t pay for Business/Enterprise to use Call API, I think you can still get to somewhere really good with:

  • A Javascript column to fetch the endpoint.
  • An OpenAI column with a solid prompt to force the output into a table/markdown format.

I will take closer look and see if I can import a table to see how difficult it is… worth a plunge and will likely learn something along the way. Thanks.

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I’m building a few football apps as well, how are you dealing with styling the apps?

Like a table of league standings, it can be nicely designed using html in a rich text component. But that would make the table static and users cannot click to view more info on rows.

Please let us know if we can help somewhere.

Here’s a demo of my Football app :grinning:


very nice!! some similar concepts with my team app to be honest. I’ve only started working on that app this week… i’l share here later today.

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