Can I get live data from a website?

Is it possible to get live data from a website’s table? I’m trying to copy the data from a basketball ranking and put it into a list in my glide app. Can I do that?
From this website:

Possible, but not simple. You’d probably need to write your own plugin column to do it.
If the site has an API available (either free or paid), then it would be a little easier. It could most likely be done using an automation tool such as Zapier or Make.

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I have tried for an hour now with no luck. I’ve tried converting the website’s data into a google sheet, and then into glide. (I know this will take longer, but that doesn’t matter that much in this case.) However, I just get a big pile of code. I’m kind of lost right now, do you have any tips or guidance in my situation?

Link to my google sheet: Sports Teams - Google Sheets

Optional link to a new website I found, that maybe is easier for getting the API: Basketball: Basketligaen 2022/2023 stillinger -  

Hi! Today i also try to use fetch json in Glide and have fail

Previosly it works perfectly, but now Fetch JSON dont workind any way. May be it is temporary trouble and you can try later. Just have a time for coffe.

The error tells you what is wrong. The response is not valid JSON. Try loading the URL in a browser and see what you get.

Please try this.



Will this automatically update my sheet, when the website updates?

This claims that the formula refreshes every hour.

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