Loading the html code of the web page into the table field

Hello everyone, there is a task to parse html code to get data. This is what I did.

How can I load the html code of any page into the database if there is a URL?

Do you have a screenshot or a video? Can you explain more on what specific webpage are you trying to get the data from?

@ThinhDinh From any page of any online store, there is no specific address, take any product page amazon, aliexpress, xiaomi

I think what you’re looking for is scraping. For that, you can use something like this if you want more customization on what to take back.

Loading it to a field in Glide Tables, for example, is different though. Maybe this API can help, but I’m not quite sure about bulk scraping.


@ThinhDinh Thank you, these services are good, but do not close my tasks. However, I solved this issue using Google Sheets and the ImportHTML formula, it just returns me tables from any page with values. After that, I connected these tables to the Glide project and everything worked.

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