Update Glide Table with text scraped from tables on external web pages

I have a Glide Table with data that I entered manually. It has 13 columns. Three of the columns contain text that was compiled from tables on various pages of an external website. I am trying to figure out if there is any way to automatically update the cells in those 3 columns automatically if the text in the corresponding web page tables is updated. I imagine this would involve some type of scraping tool. I have never done this before. Is this possible? Any ideas about how?

Use the Browser integration to get the text, then split it out. Glide AI is very good at splitting out the important info.

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Thanks @david. I’m new to Glide and definitely appreciate getting a response from the CEO!

Could you tell me a bit more about how to split it out? I need to grab the text from a specific cell in a specific table on the external web page.

I would do this:

  • Use a “Get Webpage Source” column to grab the content of the URL.
  • Use a “Text to JSON” column to convert the content to JSON, maybe you can instruct it to specifically parse out the cell you want only, guide it to that cell using specific keywords.
  • Use a Query JSON column to query out the value you want from the “Text to JSON” result.

Thanks ThinhDinh. I will give that a try!

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