How can I ignore certain tabs in my linked google sheets?

Hi all,
I’m new here and I have a question regarding the google sheets integration.
I have a file with all information I need, but it also has a few tabs that are for support and calculations only. I don’t need/want these tabs to be imported to Glide, not only because they are unnecessary but also because they would wast row counts that I don’t have to spare.

So is there a way to import only certain tabs to my app?


Only rows used by your app will be counted towards your row count. So if those tabs are not connected to Glide in anyway i.e. relations, lookups, set columns, add rows then they will not be counted.

One way to check that those tabs are not not being used in anyway is to go through column by column and use the ‘Find all uses’ feature.

So tabs in GSheet that are not used in anyway will not count towards the row count but they will appear in the Data Editor. What you could do here is mark those columns as ‘protected’ and they will be hidden from view (striked out). Of course the dev could always remove the protected columns and see the underlying data but it’s still an option.


@Eric_Penn perfect. Thank you so much.

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