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couldn’t find the answer [maybe I’m not looking in the write place] but if I only want glide to use one tab for creating the app, but the workbook has a lot of other tabs [used for calculations etc] is there a way that it only counts the rows in the tab it is using?

[The idea is personal use for notes from a VTT RP Game, very much over the top for what is actually neded]

If your calculation links with the tab you want to display using a relation/lookup in Glide then it will count the row, otherwise it won’t count.

Thanks ThinhDinh, I think ive come up with an idea.

Ill run glide off one spreadsheet and have the calculations on another and just use a macro to update from one to the other.

Will mean less edits and refreshes for the glide sheet.

actually would that increase edit count if the macro re wrote every cell each time I transfered from one sheet to the other. Is an edit a change per cell or overall?

I’m not quite sure about that, but I have seen talks about if you make changes close enough together they will be merged as one.

What can’t you do using Glide’s generated columns? Can we know more about your use case?

At the moment it is just in my head. The basic issue is I want something I can either access by glide app or by the spreadsheet itself.

But with glide having everything in columns it looks horrid when viewed on the excel.

For example

Name location organisation notes id date linked items

You start getting more and more columns which when viewed in excel would look nicer as a tab per item with a set template.

So my idea would be have a spreadsheet with each item as a tab then bring them all onto one tab for glide to use.

I would try it out and start building. Like @ThinhDinh said, if you aren’t using any of the other sheets in any way within glide, then those sheet rows shouldn’t count. You’ll find out really quick if it counts them or not.

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Yes, as Jeff said, you should probably try building it first to see the potential issues, then let us know if you need help.

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Hi Both, {and others}

I’ve done some testing and seem to have a pretty workable solution.

I have one google sheet setup so that each item I have has it’s own tab with a set template that sets everything out in a nice visual;

It then moves this information using a macro and collection the GIDs into an index

I then have a second google sheet that uses

=Importrange(“URL”,"Index!A1:A100) {repeated for all columns}

The glide app then runs off the 2nd sheet. It looks like even though the sheet updates on change it isn’t being counted as lots of different edits, just one edit on change. :star_struck: