Ignore sheet in Google Sheets sync


Is it possible to have Glide ignore a specific sheet tab from Google Sheets during sync?

Ignore it in what way? If that sheet is not used in any way in your app, then it will not count towards your total row count.

To the total row count, yes. One of the workbook sheets is not being used as part of Glide, only for some App Script calculations in the background. However the sheet has 80 rows and only 14 are displayed in the Glide table.

Ideally we would not want to see it in Glide at all but if that’s not possible, based on your feedback, it doesn’t matter since the sheet rows don’t count towards the total. But then, would you know why the sheet does not show all of the rows? (only 14 out of 80)


Are you close to the maximum number of rows allowed for your plan? I’ve seen similar posts where people see a reduced number of rows, but I’m not sure if thats a bug or intentional by glide. In some ways I’m guessing it’s only syncing the number of row allowed up to the max, but still showing a handful of rows in other tables so you have a little bit of data to work with if you need them. I really don’t have an answer for you. If you aren’t using the table in your app, then I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Someone mentioned a long time ago, if the sheet was not used anywhere in the app:

  • its data was not downloaded to the user device
  • it did not count in the row count

was that ever the case? can we confirm these 2 statements are 100% false?

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