Choose Tabs in Google Sheet to Sync


I have a project that loads from a GS and it currently has about 28k rows. To ease the amount of data loaded into the app I split the data in two tabs, referencing data in the other tab through formulas. I am also using row owners to limit the data that gets downloaded in the user’s device. It’s working fine for users but I’m having trouble syncing the data from GS to the app, it takes time, sometimes aborts because it took too long, etc.

I have noticed that glide loads all the tabs in the GS but there is a massive tab with many columns and rows that is only used for calculations inside the GS. I believe that if I could configure Glide to stop loading this sheet (load only the ones necessary to the app) I’d get a large boost to syncing speeds. Is there any way to do this? I have tried hiding the tabs in GS but it does nothing…


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I had that issue and noone helped me. Glide is very limited in data capacity, it sucks!

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