Selective sync - choose which tabs from Sheets are synced to Glide

I’ve tried to search for a pre-existing post on this but couldn’t find one. If it’s here somewhere, please assist with a link.

In regards to Sheets, there’s a very old debate about the best practice for building a large system: you can use separate files for each tab, or one file with multiple tabs. I chose one file and it has worked wonderful, as long as we stay within Sheets.
The problem starts once such a multi-tab file is loaded into Glide, as you can see below:

So, why not allow us to have selective sync?
This mean we can still use multiple tabs on Sheets, but not all of them would be synced to Glide. Many of these tabs are not relevant for the users anyway as they are computing tabs, forms which are later added to another sheet (post script), etc.
By cherry picking only the relevant tabs we’ll make the Glide app much faster, as well as reduce the load on the Glide servers. It’s simply data which is not relevant for the app, but it very relevant for the system as a whole.

Taking it a step further, perhaps even allow us to select which columns to sync from each tab (assuming we selected that tab to indeed sync)?
I agree that this step might be a bit too much and has a far greater chance of creating chaos.


I vote for selective sync minus the selective columns -
I don’t think that one is even possible :relieved: (well, everything is, but not without breaking the bank)