Hiding blank rows

Hello, I have some blank rows that I just want to hide/filter out, because they will be used for another filter. They are not necessarily blank. Backstory: I created a Google Form to capture 3 categories of businesses and either they complete section I, section II, or section II…with that as the setup, if they didn’t complete section one, that part of the row/cells would be empty, but the cells pertaining to their section would be filled for that row, therefore, I do not want to delete the row or I will lose data. I’m sure there was/is a better way to capture data, but I needed to get this up as soon as I could. I welcome suggestions. Thank you.

Do you mean you want to exclude these rows from being displayed in your app?

If that’s the case, you just need to pick a column that you know will be empty in such cases, and then apply an appropriate filter, eg “where column X is not empty”


Oh, that’s right. I had it earlier, but somehow, it lost my settings. Thank you.

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