Hide/disable user accounts

I am trying to figure out a way to keep my class sections separate so as to not have to manage multiple versions of the app. For example, when 5th grade section 1 is in class, I want only their roster to be seen for the class, not section 2 3 and 4. Hiding rows on the user table does not work. Any other ideas/approaches?

Hey @Todd_Lichtenwalter,

Have you tried having a choice component in which you select the class your are having at the moment so the inline list shows only that one.

I would create a new column which will have the choice component result, say, 1 period.
Then, I would create a relation to my classes where my choice component result matches the class period. Match multiple.

Then, have the inline list pull info from that relation. Then you would only see student in that specific period.

I hope this helps.

The app is getting quite large and many tabs rely on the user table for calculations. I am not sure if just changing the inline list will prevent the calculations and other features from excluding those user accounts- but it may work. I will tinker and see…thank you for the suggestion. Ideally there would be switch/parameter to silent/kickout/temporarily exclude users as I can see that being helpful in many cases for admins.