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Hello very good friends! from Glide I have a question who could help me what happens is that I have a choice in which to select a user but what I want is that my user does not leave since in the application that I am developing it would not make sense for it to leave the proper name of a person if not the rest of the users

That is, I do not want my user to appear, which is the one highlighted in yellow

I may not be understanding correctly, but if you want to filter out the current user from the list of choices, add a filter where the User Email column is not the signed-in user.

What I want is to be able to remove the first user, which is my name, I would like to show only the other list minus the first user

Like @shchc said, add a filter to your choices, but if you are only going to have one choice, then why would you want to use a choice component?

Well I am going to explain the context in general, let’s say that I have a certain amount of points eg. 100 points and I add a store in which I can send those 100 points to other people so I do not want my own name to appear because it would not make sense for me to send those 100 points to myself so the same for all users in that There will be 50 users in the list.

Then you can set up your filter where the email is not the signed in user.

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I’m going to try that way, now I’ll tell you

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Done, that’s what I wanted. Thank you very much! They are the best Jeff you have always given me a solution <3