Filter dropdown menu (choice) based on user

Is there a way to filter a dropdown menu based on the user? I am trying to have a dropdown that the user can select their name to signup for something and have the selection input into a google sheet - but their name is only visible to them. Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can filter a choice component based on information from the user profile.

But at the same time, why would you want a user to have to select their name from a list filtered to only their own name? Assuming that you are using a Form of some sort, or an Add Row or Set Column action on a button, then the better option is to submit the user’s name, ID, or email as part of the form by adding the appropriate user profile component. Or add the appropriate user profile value to an Add Row or Set Column action. That way the user doesn’t have to select anything. It’s automatically populated when the form is submitted or the button is pressed.


It is for a work schedule that is in google sheets. I want the user to be able to put their name down for the shift but no one else.