Choice Component Confusion - Help needed

am struggling to get choice component up and running properly. I am trying to have students choose their name then choose their sport and then choose their year with the end goal being a sheet with each students name, sport selection and grade level. I have watched the video a few times but the format on the video does not match the options shown to me in Glide when setting this up.

Help is greatly appreciated

What specifically are you having trouble with? Some of the videos still show the old interface, but the concept should still be the same.

Thanks. I think I figured it out. One other question you may be able to help with; Is there a way with the Choice Component to clear the field for the next person to select.? Example. I tested it and selected a student, made the choices but when I went back in to try and enter a different student, the original student’s name appeared in the selection box and all other selections I had originally made for the other choices on the tab were still populated. How do I get them to clear out?.. almost think I need a done button

You can use a custom action to clear values when entering that screen or use user-specific columns to collect data… and write to regular columns on submit

Hi Uzo,

Thanks for this…where would I get more info on setting up a user specific columns? and can you prepopulate the options for those columns for users to make choices?

when you are entering that screen with choices… use “create new action” to set values:

user-specific columns, you can create, simply by checking the option:

If you’re storing the choices in user-specific columns, you don’t have to worry about clearing it on the entry to the screen, I think.