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Hey Gilders - had an idea for a feature request that would be super awesome. I don’t even know if this is possible in sheets, but if you could hide user data/make inactive vs. delete it that would be super helpful. I’m building a marketplace platform similar to Airbnb but for gyms & I have 2 applications referencing 1 spreadsheet. the ‘gym portal’ application is where the gyms can edit data etc. but we’re trying to make it as easy as possible for them to come on & off our platform. If there was a way for them to keep all their data but not show it so they don’t have to re-enter all the data when they come back in that would be cool. Could be helpful for a bunch of other app ideas too!

I do this on one of my apps. I have a list of students. If one of them graduates, we want to remove them from the list of active students, but not delete their data yet. I have a different view in my app for admins only, but this could be done anywhere else, where I have a show/hide checkbox. If it’s checked, then I use the list filter to hide the item from the list. That way I still have the data, but it’s not visible in the app.

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wait so how specifically did you do that? If you’re willing, could you provide some screenshots of how you filtered the list? I’m not super great at spreadsheets so I don’t quite know how exactly to do that. Thank you!

When I get to a computer later today I can get you some screenshots, but in the meantime, check out this link and see if that helps. This doesn’t involve any tricks in the actual spreadsheet. I have my filter set up show records where the checkbox column IS NOT True. So checked items will be hidden as the value becomes TRUE.

Ok cool - thank you!!!

Hey @Jeff_Hager So i am able to filter the data but because I am also using per-user data I can’t get it so they gym owner could go back into that page & make their page live again… I can go in & do it but it would be much much better if they could.

I have a section of my app that only admins can get to and that doesn’t use per user data. Within there I have an unfiltered list and I actually use the checkbox style layout to control the show/hide value. It’s hard to explain since I don’t have an example to share at this time. I can maybe put some thing together when I have free time, but check out the admin example in https://concepts.glideapp.io/ to get a better idea of how I have an admin only section.

I figured it out!! Silly mistake. I was filtering it on the wrong app :rofl: Thank you for your help!!

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