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Hey Gilders - had an idea for a feature request that would be super awesome. I don’t even know if this is possible in sheets, but if you could hide user data/make inactive vs. delete it that would be super helpful. I’m building a marketplace platform similar to Airbnb but for gyms & I have 2 applications referencing 1 spreadsheet. the ‘gym portal’ application is where the gyms can edit data etc. but we’re trying to make it as easy as possible for them to come on & off our platform. If there was a way for them to keep all their data but not show it so they don’t have to re-enter all the data when they come back in that would be cool. Could be helpful for a bunch of other app ideas too!

I do this on one of my apps. I have a list of students. If one of them graduates, we want to remove them from the list of active students, but not delete their data yet. I have a different view in my app for admins only, but this could be done anywhere else, where I have a show/hide checkbox. If it’s checked, then I use the list filter to hide the item from the list. That way I still have the data, but it’s not visible in the app.

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wait so how specifically did you do that? If you’re willing, could you provide some screenshots of how you filtered the list? I’m not super great at spreadsheets so I don’t quite know how exactly to do that. Thank you!

When I get to a computer later today I can get you some screenshots, but in the meantime, check out this link and see if that helps. This doesn’t involve any tricks in the actual spreadsheet. I have my filter set up show records where the checkbox column IS NOT True. So checked items will be hidden as the value becomes TRUE.

Ok cool - thank you!!!

Hey @Jeff_Hager So i am able to filter the data but because I am also using per-user data I can’t get it so they gym owner could go back into that page & make their page live again… I can go in & do it but it would be much much better if they could.

I have a section of my app that only admins can get to and that doesn’t use per user data. Within there I have an unfiltered list and I actually use the checkbox style layout to control the show/hide value. It’s hard to explain since I don’t have an example to share at this time. I can maybe put some thing together when I have free time, but check out the admin example in https://concepts.glideapp.io/ to get a better idea of how I have an admin only section.

I figured it out!! Silly mistake. I was filtering it on the wrong app :rofl: Thank you for your help!!

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what Glide app platform could made a marketplace like amazon, uber eat, and fiverr??? are you sure… are you have tutorial frt it?

@MI_I I don’t have a specific template or tutorial for what you are looking for. I suggest looking at the existing templates, think about and design the app how you would like it to work. Start small and build one piece of the app and spreadsheet at a time. The best way to learn Glide is to just start building. Only you know how you want the app to function and look. You don’t need a fully functioning app right from the start. Start with a list and the ability to add it view items. As you learn more you can start to expand your app.

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Can you show how you did the Hide Vs. Delete list filter option for you App?
Thank You,
James Burns Jr.

It’s not too complicated. My main list is filtered by a true/false column in my sheet. In my case the record will show if the value is not True. Whenever it’s set to True, then it will be filtered out of the list and hidden.

In a separate part of my app, I have another list pointing to the same data sheet. This list uses the checklist layout and is not filtered, so I can mark each student if they should be hidden on the main list or not. If I ever want to show the student again, then I can uncheck the checkbox.