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I need your how to advise.

I am building a local restaurant directory App, if a restaurant goes out of business or shuts down for some reason, I would like to remove them from the list of active restaurants but not delete their data.

If the restaurant re-opens at some later time I would like to re-activate the entry, I am trying to use a (True / False) check box column to filter and/or Show-Hide the related data for the restaurant to keep the restaurant from showing up in the directory. If I ever want to show the restaurant again, I can uncheck the check box.

This discussion is what got me to thinking it could be done:

Nevertheless, I am unable to figure out how to do it…

Thanks in advance for your help.

In the data editor, in your restaurants table, have a column that will indicate if your restaurant is active or inactive. You could have a text column and indicate active / inactive, a number column and indicate 1 / 0, a boolean column and indicate true / false, etc. As long as you data in non ambiguous.

In the display section (the builder), create a screen with your list (either a list layout or a details layout with an inline list). In the options of this list, filter this list based on the column above: display items where the “active/inactive” column is “active”.


Filter your lists based on criteria


Thanks for your fast response…As you suggested I added a filter to my Inline list based on my Show-Hide (True / False) check box column…If the box is checked the entry does not show. It works just the way I wanted.

Thanks again for your help…
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