Hidden Tabs in editor & not used computed columns

I have a duplicate app that uses 2-3 out of the 30 tabs in the app. All the other tabs have been hidden from the editor.

  • How does this affect the user device performance, components, tabs, screens etc. Will the device perform the same way as if the tabs were completely deleted? (disregarding the data & computed columns)
  • Once a tab is hidden in Glide, the ‘Find Uses’ feature of the data editor will no longer reference components, conditions etc… of that tab. (A bit confusing, because its combines computed columns not used at all with ones used in hidden tabs that can be unhidden in future).
    How does the user device deal with these computed columns that are not used at all in the app?

Great question - how is performance impacted with hidden tabs and menu items? Minimal…somewhat…oh damn that is slow?

Also, never thought about ‘Find Uses’ but their should be an option to 'Find ALL Uses" which includes hidden tabs and menu items. Especially when you have tabs that are hidden based on roles. You still want to ‘Find Uses’ even though it is hidden at the time of use based on your user role.

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As useful as Find Uses is, i’m probably on it daily for hours trying to make the app better… I’ve had some horrible experiences with the fact that it doesn’t give you hidden uses… I’ve deleted loads of things I shouldn’t have deleted

Add to that, the hidden screens & actions you can never find where they are.

Lovely from Glide we now have the new Actions features… though not helpful on our important Classic Apps, but hope sometime in the future we can get a screen editor where we can find and edit and use multiple times the different screens we have created in the app.