"Find all uses" -> not on hidden tables

Hi, just discovered that in GDE, the “Find all uses” does not work when we have hidden tabs.
The risk is that we hide some tabs from users but use them as builder (ex. I have a tab to store my User Stories that I update regularly but have hidden to clean my tabs menu).

@Mark , is there a reason why or could this be changed?


I frankly don’t know how you all use hidden tabs. Does anybody else have thoughts on this?

I have used hidden tabs to develop new features and user flows (but less now as I typically hide the menu and tab bar).
The request to have the ‘find all uses’ to include Hidden Tabs makes a lot of sense to me. It is a way that some people develop, and you are usually working on new functionality - when it is super handy to ‘find all uses’ :slight_smile: