Find Uses and Actions

I am cleaning up my App and I use ‘Find Uses’ in the Data Editor a lot. In many cases I have a column whose only use is in an Action (typically an AddRow or Set Column Value).

How do I find what screen this Action is associated with? I have them labeled but I believe this Action is deprecated. I have tried both Save and Cancel in the optimistic hope that it will take me back to the associated screen that this action is attached to. No luck

On the same note - if I delete a Tab does Glide delete Actions associated with the Tab or do they live on.

Thanks as always.

I know what you mean, @MattLB. When navigating to an action using Find Uses, you lose context as to which screen holds this action (especially if you’re reusing actions on a few different screens). Perhaps we can have breadcrumbs in the action editor somewhere? @Jason

Another thing thats super annoying is that if you have a Table connected to two apps, where a Non-Computed Column is used in App 1 but not App 2 and you “Find Uses” in App 2, it will return zero results, thus leading you to want to delete it. However, if you delete that column in App 2, it will also delete it in App 1, where it is being used.

I learned that the hard way! Would be nice to give a hint or warning that its also displayed in another connected App.


Ooo…good point. @Jason … this should be a thing.

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Yeah, same. Extreme caution required when deleting non-computed columns.

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