Hi! I'm a future Product Manager & Thks to Glide, I built my 1st Lean Prototype

You can call me L.M, that’s simpler. I’m French. So I apologize for any imperfection in english.

As an intro to myself, I just want to say a huge

(@JackVaughan & @Robert_Petitto on Youtube :star:great instructors)
& gals.

As I discovered no code for my Product Manager curriculum, Lean Prototyping.

I chose Glide within minutes over to well (the others) for (among other stuffs) :

  1. The swipe
  2. The dark mode
  3. The wow UI

I’ve gathered a set of questions to submit, from app to app SSO to some bugs & actions execution orders.

But, that’s for next time.

For now, I’m just so “Glide To Be Here”.

If you mind me saying.

Voilà !
L.M :cherry_blossom:


Bienvenue au club :smiley:

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Bienvenue ! Ravi que la communauté Glide Francophone continue de grandir !. Avec mon associé @Aymeric_de_Maussion , nous avons lancé Datapix , avec un focus assez fort sur Glide et sommes désormais tous les 2 Glide Certified Experts. A bientôt :wink:

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Welcome to the forum, I’m sure you will love it here. If you face any problems feel free to send it our way.

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Merci Vincent😊! J’ai eu mon lot de certifications pro & groupware (low code, désormais appelé HCL Domino).
Mais, alors pourquoi (question qui tue) la mention “:shield: Certified Expert” n’accompagne pas votre/ton pseudo, ici ? (sur Linkedin, OK)
(“Trust, but Verify.” :female_detective: Ronald Reagan)

Thks ! And feel free to answer, should you find any value for yourself.

Merci, Manu :heavy_check_mark::blush:

Oui, Ok merci, tu as raison :roll_eyes:, je vais ici remonter le sujet à @JackVaughan de la team Glide ! En tout c’est déjà bon sur Experts • Glide ou sur https://experts.staging.glideapp.io/ :grin:

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Pleasure! Welcome to the community!

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Welcome onboard, LM :blush:

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Well, Thks & Hello Roberto :raising_hand_woman:
Is it a large balcony we see on your Youtube, or you work in an “external cabin-red-brick elevator” ? :grin:

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Thks, Lucas. Well, looks like the onboarding kit is quite amazing till now!

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It’s my office:


Salut L.M., bienvenue à la communauté.

Je rejoins @VVerhille, c’est sympa que la communauté française – et belge, @PlanetZero :wink: – s’agrandisse sur Glide.

Avec plaisir pour échanger sur tes projets !


merci, Nathanaël 🙋 Je manque de temps avec ma formation et ses livrables pour me consacrer à Glide, mais ça viendra.