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So I developed a school online class app. Basically a parent can enroll multiple children with the same email ID in a school…

So let us say I have two kids… I use my email ID to register one child in 5A and the other in 7A.

Respective classes are visible to the right spective children. And I have enabled a comment section in each period under a video…

Unfortunately when my class 5A comments in the video assigned to him, my second child’s name is only getting displayed in the comments box.

Glideapp is by default takin only one name per email ID in the comment section. Why is that?

How are you setting the visibility to achieve this, if you’re just using 1 email for both children?

I have visibility based on relations I have set using class

That is how Glide is designed. The name used for comments is deeply integrated into the email used to sign into the app, just like user profiles are attached a single email address. Maybe you’d be better off creating your own comments and use a form button and inline list to display comments.

OK… But even if I do that, it will still take only one name of the email ID right? How would it differentiate which of my child is responding?

Well, if you have used relations for the child to drill down to the video they are commenting on, I would assume you already know who the child is based on the path they took in the app, since it sounds like that video only pertains to them.


Let me explain the issue here… (I have two kids registered to a school with the same email ID…)

  1. I have set relations and so my first child, Jeff, can see only class 5 videos and second child, Steff, can see only class 7 videos)

  2. However when my first child leaves a comment in his class 5 video, his name is displayed as Steff instead of Jeff.

This is because glide is only taking the child whom I registered first in the comments section and displays only his name.

That’s why I mentioned above to roll your own comments feature with a form button and an inline list. You aren’t going to get different names for the comments component because it’s tied to the email address.

I got the comments part.

I am Still trying to understand how to get the form + ininline list correct… Tell me. If this is OK…

  1. I create a comment button
  2. Link it to a form
  3. User can send his comment

Here is where I am stuck

  1. User Comment is not linked to any topic
  2. If we give a choice button then all the topics of all the grades are getting listed
  3. There is no filter in a choice to just show only this particular content piece so that the comment gets tagged to this particular content piece.

I hope am Making sense. :slight_smile:

In the topic you want to have comments, add a form button and inside that button you can record the topic’s name, or ID, or whatever unique value you want using “Columns” values. Write that to a “Comments” sheet in your file. Does that make sense?

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Yes. Makes sense.

The user has no choice but to select the topic using choice button. I was seeing if there was any other way to capture that value without the user having to choose it… I guess there is no better option.

Thanks :slight_smile:

No, when you put it inside a topic there will be column values that you can use to write to the sheet. Find something like”Topic name” in the columns. You don’t need a choice component for this, it’s not scalable.


Wowww… This was super helpful… Phew… Just what I was looking for… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Jeff… This is exactly what I was looking for… :grin::grin:

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Hopefully that solves your case :smile:

Yes :slight_smile:

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