Helping smallbusiness during COVID-19 in Brazil

Hi Folks!

I’d like to share with you the app No Seu Bairro. I built it to support small business to connect with potential customers in their neighborhood and try to help them surpass the COVID-19 crisis. I built the version 1 in 10 hs of work and started to share with friends and family on Mar 28th. In one week it reached 150 registered stores in Rio de Janeiro and more than 1.000 access. Today, after almost 3 months there are more than 600 stores, 10.000 access and it was on the news four times (TV and Newspaper).

Last week I published the version 2 to cover more cities in Brazil, using the tips from @Jeff_Hager . Thanks bro!

I’m using Pro version due to the volume of information’s that we have nowadays.


Well designed Victor, admittedly I don’t understand the language but I like the look of it. If you run into any problems tell me to help.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

@Vitor_Rosas parabéns cara :clap::clap::clap:

Mainly for the initiative, very good idea, I also think about doing something similar in my neighborhood here in Salvador, more apparently, I see that one of the problems you faced was how the lines of adhering to the pro plan, moreover, what was yours biggest difficulty faced to create an application like this?

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That’s our team in Brazil increasing :clap:t3: Amazing @Vitor_Rosas


Hi Roberto.

For sure, the main issue was the volume of infos that was much more than 500 lines. The only way to solve it was upgrading the app to PRO. Unfortunatelly, the monthly cost is very high due to the difference between US Dolar and R$ Real. Nowadays I’m paying it from my own pocket, but planning a way to make some money with the app in order to sustent this cost.

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