I built a friendly neighbourhood app to help during COVID-19

Hi Gliders!

I built an app called Barter. Borrow. Buy. which helps connect people Barter/Borrow/Buy essential items with your friendly neighbours so you can minimise travelling out of your home and practice social distancing.

The app will be useful for anyone who is living in an area hit by COVID-19. (I’m from Mumbai, India and all of India has been under lockdown for almost 50 days now with no end in sight. Majority of urban population in the big cities in India are also part of gated communities or large apartment complexes)

This app has a lot of features built in

  1. Browse items which are needed by the community

  2. Create a profile

  3. Post items which you may need (including uploading a photo)

  4. Filter items based on your neighbourhood / apartment complex

  5. Add your neighbourhoods/apartment complex

You can help me in three ways

  1. Please check it out here: Barter Borrow Buy
  2. Share it with anyone who you think may find it useful
  3. Give me any feedback on how you think I can make this better



Hi Goelv,

Nice and useful app there. Congratulations!

I don’t have any suggestions other than keep reading this community’s posts everyday to find new tricks that may eventually benefit your app and user experience.

Have a nice day!


Neat concept. Your app would benefit greatly if Glide had a way for users to upload photos from a google search or unsplash. I like the title a lot.


Thanks Robert!

Yes google image search would be nice, my default images I am using are from Unsplash!