[COVID-19] Locus: Crowd-sourced app helping communities find essential supplies nearby

Know a store in your locality that is doing home delivery?
Know a pharmacy in your locality that has masks/ sanitizers?

Let’s help each other find essentials nearby & fight covid-19 together - https://locus.glideapp.io

Check out LOCUS, your neighbourhood buddy where you can contribute/find latest status and information about stores/services in your locality

If you find it useful, please start using it and spread the word


Feedback is greatly appreciated. Looking forward

Hey really like the locus app that you’ve got here. I’ve been wanting to do something similar in terms of crowd sourcing (like waze) so it would be great if you could share your template. Thanks!

Hey thanks. Sure, definitely/

How can i share the template?


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The video in this article could help. Appreciate it!