Hi from India

I am Murthy Udupa, Based in Bangalore and currently locked down at home. FYI: Whole of India is locked down since mid night of 24/Mar due to COVID-19

I have been reading the Glide Docs (a bit old school - I am from the paper tape era)
and watched most of Jack’s video - simply superb!

Thanks Jack.
I tried a couple simple apps - working on two now.
I started one yesterday and published it today do checkout : Virtual Gym to crowd source exercises that people are doing during the lockdown period.

Have run into couple of issues but most got sorted by videos/glide docs
I have come across a peculiar issue - trying to ascertain if this indeed a bug and will post once I am certain

I am still on the free version but once I am sure I want this will go fo paid one

Thanks for all the love your team showers upon the community and Jack keep the video’s coming - especially deep dives

Thank you.


Welcome… Want to know your feedback if our app makes sense for Indian market for the current situations?

I think yes. I will spread the word in my own circle.

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Welcome @aor!
How do your users find your app?

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My app is related to exercises - I am in close touch with the running community and some of the coaches in the city - this helps me spread the word. Secondly, I do conduct free online session for the community which requires them to visit the app first for preparation (look at a workout that i publish in advance) and then they do along with me - online over ZOOM.