My app made it to local press ;)

Hey guys, I made a simple app to list all open food / drug stores & emergency services in my little town in France during the lockdown.

Basically people fill in the blanks for me, I just geolocate & clean the data in the spreadsheet.

It has a little less than 500 users, but it’s been up only 24 hours so far.

Here is the article:

Here is the app:

Thanks to the team for their support <3


Nice job, congrats!

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Cool! Congrats!

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Great idea and awesome service to your community! That’s how to think…

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Well done, shows the power these little apps can have amongst the community, wishing you continued success



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That’s very cool! Congrats on that!

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My app is now 4 apps,and spreading:

more press to come this week.

We cover a total population of about 3500000 users. In Saint-Malo only they’re 4500 users and 50000 connections to the app in the last 2 weeks



Even more press :wink:

appli commerce Nice matin

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