List of opened stored or keep doing delivery during COVID19 crisis

Well, in my country, businesses have to close except pharmacies, doctors & banks (on appointment only), post or grocery shops. Restaurants can do delivery but without a big culture and key players like uber eats, deliveroo & co, most of the restaurants just closed because they don’t have the staff to do the delivery or enough orders.

I made an app that

  • lists all the open to the public places, with information about the restriction that may apply
  • list all the restaurants or venues (coffee, smaller groceries shops) which are working on delivery only
  • display basic information about what the city also provide in those times

It features a few collaborative options:

  • You can add a shop. It’s not displayed right away because I have a script running periodically on the sheet to get the GPS coordinates from Google Maps API (since the geocoder is a bit lazy sometimes and return a lot of erroneous positions)
  • Comments
  • A “report error” button, triggering a zapier integration which notifies me and flags the shop as erroneous. It will display info on the shop detail page also, saying the data may not be accurate and under review.

Planning dev

  • Streamline the GPS coordinate query from Google Maps API with zapier
  • DONE Thanks contributors with an email when their contribution is online
  • Add PDF file for delivery menu/leaflet


I get contribution from other cities in my country. That’s nice, especially if it’s delivery/shipping but I’m not sure how to scale the thing to the entire country. Even if Luxembourg is a small country, information are interesting in a very limited radius of localisation. I don’t want to drive to another city to do my shopping. I need and want to do it locally. So I’m wondering: city filter OR different apps?


(well I’m a new user I can’t)

It’s in french because it’s the most understandable language in my country (which have 3 official languages). Don’t know how I could internationalist this except with multiple apps.

Update: I implemented in just 40min the report function thanks to Zapier :smiley:

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You can thanks contributors using zapier to. I send an welcome email to restaurant or shops owners when I have validates their business description. I also generate FB and Twitter posts when the shop profiles are validated and published. Zapier is a game changer, very easy to use.

Regarding your point in scalability, I have the same here. My app cover both my department (Nice area, Maritimes alps and Monaco). Another region, another app. That’s what I am going to do as I am requested to deploy this platform widely.

Just add the thank-you email for contributor + push notification on my side, still with zapier.

@Christophe_HK I didn’t plan a Facebook page or since my main issue is this information isn’t on Facebook at the first place and I’m not sure people will follow my page just for that. In your case, since you’re addressing the shop owner, that makes total sense.

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