Help with Feedback/Contact Us table and issue with reviews

So I created a feedback/Contact us table that of course is connected to a page within the app. It has columns for the users name, their email address, and the message itself. So that when the user fills out the form to send feedback in the app it’s suppose to create a row that allows me to see their message and I could email them a response. However, it only shows what the message is when I’m the one sending it. If I have anyone else test it out or try it from a different account, it will show the user name and the email address but never the message. I don’t understand why because the rating and review table is not that different and when someone fills out that form it will add their review, which is essentially a similar type of message into the coinciding table box. Does anyone know why the feedback might not be showing up in it’s table?

However, in regards to the Rating and Review table the issue I’m having there is that it won’t leave the users name and any user can edit another users review or delete it. For that I have a row id, what they’re reviewing, user that left the review, review, rating, and timestamp. User that left the review is the only on that is user specific. Maybe that has something to do with it? At this point my brain is pretty fried.

Why would you need any user specific columns if each submission is creating a new row? User specific columns are only useful if multiple users are storing multiple different values in the same cell in the same row and column.

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That doesn’t sound like the expected behaviour. Can you send over a video of the process where you can replicate the behaviour above? Thank you.

Figured it all out. Solved all this. But I just can’t delete this initial message.