Help needed with logic for a view

Hi Gliders I really need some help to figure out how to present a dynamic view to the signed in user. The app is for hospitality venue operators & one of the features I am trying to implement is to give them a view of their weekly orders by supplier.
I can get the weekly order info from a server & I send it to the google sheet via Integromat.
Each user of the app will have a specific client ID which is a column value in the Google Sheet in the Venue tab. The data populating the sheet with the on hand stock quantities & re-order values also has this unique Client ID in each row that applies to the venue.
My questions are:

  1. What is the best design to show this data? I have tried a Global ALLORDERS sheet & filter the view based on Client ID, or is there a better way to do this? The signed in user will belong to a client ID so there may be another way to do it.
  2. Is it feasible to make an Order Sheet per client? It’s easy to write the data to the Google Sheet TAB that belongs to the client using Integromat & the Google Sheets API call using a lookup for the sheet name associated with the client ID. The problem with this is that the I would have to set up many Buttons that are hidden by Visibility rules & only display the button for the signed in user.

I also want to clear these values each week when the new values are going to be sent to the sheet. Presently I do this in the same Integromat scenario as posting all the values. The action before writing the values to the sheet is a clear sheet API call. If I am using only 1 sheet for the data I run the risk of clearing all users data - unless there are more detailed BatchClear parameters for the Google Sheets API call.

There’s more that’s confusing me but I need to start with the correct foundation & then look at solving how to get the Order reports sent via email :slight_smile:

I appreciate all the help. Cheers Brad

Glide is good to display data from spreadsheet, you can relate Client ID to an order sheet, or just filter list by sign in user. Send PDF or CSV reports by triggered script.