🚨 Help / Ideas for "User Alerting" Please

Hi Gliders

Has anybody found a way to highlight something for a user’s attention but then have it “unhighlight” once they’ve seen it, without manual intervention?

For example, imagine that a row gets added to a sheet and that row should be brought to the attention of a particular user based on some logic. Given that we have no push notifications, I’d like to add a visual cue for the user, perhaps a red dot on a tab, since the tabs are always visible.

And then, once they’ve “visited” the row (i.e. viewed it in a details screen) then have the visual indicator disappear.

Maybe a bridge too far at the moment? But what fantastic functionality if possible?

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This is a case where a dual-action button would come in handy ---- link to screen + increment. if this existed, it could allow you to hide the button when increment is greater than 0. It could also act as a way to count button presses for some statistical purposes.

I can’t think of a way to do this though right now without more manual intervention.


For your first part it is definitely possible to show some kind of indication when needed user attention. For that yo can have a boolean column which is set as true/false based on some logic.
On Tab/Menu currently you can’t have any indication but on your Home Page or each Tab Page you can show a Button/Basic Table/Action Text… if the column is false and redirect user to a list of items needed attention. You can check in below post how the Cart is being highlighted (you need to sign-in in the app).
For second marking it as viewed, You can have a switch displayed to user to Mark as Visited. I am checking on how to automate “Mark as Viewed” as soon as navigated to that page.

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To show the “alert” it really needs to be on a tab so it can be seen wherever the user is in the app.

This is how I’d do it. Have a button appear when a message is available. Clicking the button take the user to the detail screen and resets the switch, hiding the button when the user leaves the message.

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Ok. Nice idea. But … how does the button both direct to the screen AND reset the switch?

Great point. It would be overkill to waste a zap to reset a simple switch. Maybe someday they’ll make it so we can stack button actions like we can visibility conditions.

There’s gotta be a way to get this done. @Robert_Petitto @Jeff_Hager @ThinhDinh - do you fellas have any thoughts?

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Thinking out loud.

You could set the button action to user-specific increment.

Based on this increment, you could create tab visibility to hide the regular tabs in the app and show the announcement tab, essentially creating a ”pop-up” like feature.

On the announcement screen you could then have a ”close wondow” button. Set that action to a different increment field so that the notification would no longer show.

Your condition to show the notification would be only when the first button is equal to zero AND the second is also equal to zero.


Oh nice. I like the two-field visibility idea. I hadn’t take it that far with this example, but the main idea is there.



maybe you can use a GIF (blinking) image with increment action

  1. It flashes so super visible
  2. Action Inc therefore possible extinction.

Finally on paper it works …

I saw a video on how to introduce a GIF image into Glide.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QIbG218TpU#action=share (sorry it’s in french)

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GIFs can be added just like images. See here: https://kh-apps.glideapp.io

Thanks to all for feedback. I will try to create something and see what happens!

I used an image/alert (GIF format) and placed an image component on my Home screen layout. However, to keep the image constrained to a small alert in the corner…I placed the URL link of the alert gif in the Avatar section and uploaded a white background to match my layout for the image section. I will be working on the visibility conditions of the Avatar so as to alert the user accordingly on the Home screen.

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